We are a Dallas based realty company, we have helped international, interstate and local clients in buying and selling their properties in Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) areas.

Our Team is headed up by Thomas Su – he is fluent in English and Chinese, who has extensive experience in real estate transactions and renovations.

We are active throughout the DFW Metroplex – check out our website and find out more what we can do for you.

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Our Areas


The City of Garland is a large area to the east and north east of downtown. Garland borders are Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Mesquite and Rowlett. This is one of our most active areas for both home buyers and investors. This area is seeing a lot of rapid new developments and has resulted in a major transformation, the North Garland areas are close to Fire Wheel Mall and there are a lot of nice communities in the area, areas bordering Richardson are exceptionally popular now and very hard to find a property, South Garland areas are seeing strong demand from investors seeking higher yield.


1. North Garland – Close to Rowlett, Plano and Wylie areas – newer homes, larger homes with short drive to George Bush Turnpike, commercial centers near Fire Wheel Mall.
2. Garland School District – The Garland School district is unique as students can choose school of choice within the same district. Its schools also provide different curriculums depending on students’ preference.
3. Commuting time – Garland is within commuting distances to other areas, families live in Garland work in different areas including downtown, Garland, Plano, Richardson or Mesquite, all these are within reasonable commuting distance.


There are numerous neighborhoods in Garland, price can range from $75000 to over $400,000. The most expensive areas of Garland are comparable to those in Plano and Richardson areas, these are usually golf course communities, these properties are usually 2500 to 3500 sq.ft. For first time home buyers, Garland also offer abundant choices ranging from $150,000 to $250,000 range, you can get a nice decent 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom home within that price range. For investors, there are also different options including single family homes, condos, duplexes and multifamily properties.


Plano is a very popular area for families, it is where a lot of corporate headquarters are located with good school district. It is a very popular area for families relocating to Dallas area, many of them work in companies nearby. Plano is undergoing enormous growth and expansion at moment, with many luxury homes being built, new hospitals, new retail developments and it is also a business friendly city. Plano borders Richardson, Allen, Frisco and also connects to part of Dallas and Garland. East Plano is a fast growing area, with a lot of corporate headquarters moving to newly developed sites. The transformation has created many new employment opportunities in Plano.


1. Plano is the hub of many international companies with numerous job opportunities.
2. Plano School District is highly rated school district in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex
3. Convenience – lots of shops, retail plazas, also centrally connected with George Bush Turnpike and US-75 connecting to all major highways
4. Affordability – there are opportunities to purchase homes in Plano around $200,000 range in East Plano, and $300,000 to $400,000 can get you a very decent home in Plano, it is an attractive location to consider for many families.


Plano is a good example to see growth of Dallas. Plano West is very popular for home buyers with many properties built in 1980s to 2015. East Plano has older properties that were built in 1960s to 1980s, some of these had been completely remodeled, and these properties also have large backyards, established trees in leafy neighborhoods. Our clients in Plano are mix of home buyers and investors, many had chosen Plano because of proximity to their works, or convenience and education.


North Dallas generally describes between Uptown Area and Far North Dallas, it is a large area that generally stretching between Highland Parks to around Richardson areas. North Dallas has boundaries between Richardson and Plano as well, there are areas where you will be living in Dallas City but attending either Richardson or Plano schools.


1. Choices – A wide range of choices and different types of properties to choose from. Some of my clients are particularly interested in areas near White Rock Lake, these properties are usually built in 1950s and 1960s but completely remodeled. These properties are within short commuting distance to Highland Park (near SMU) and downtown.
2. Convenience – Shorter commuting times, in some areas, you need less than 10 minutes to travel to downtown.
3. Urbanization – areas near SMU had been completely transformed to urbanized communities with apartment blocks, usually within walking distance to amenities and public transportation, this is a desirable lifestyle for many professionals.
4. A wide range of opportunities – our clients include both home buyers and investors, they had purchased properties anywhere from 1 bedroom condo to 5 bedroom primary residence homes.


There are so many different communities to choose from. One area my clients are especially interested in are areas that assigned to Bowie Elementary, Brentfield Elementary or Prestonwood Elementary School. I also sold several properties to families seeking to attend Spring Creek Elementary School. All these schools belong to Richardson Independent School District but zip codes are in City of Dallas. These schools are some of best performing elementary schools across the Dallas Metroplex. Our clients include both home buyers and investors, properties in North Dallas have shown consistent appreciation over years, in our experience, we have sold homes from $50,000 (small condo) to $600,000 in these areas.


Our team has been very active in helping many families and investors in purchasing and selling properties in Rowlett. Rowlett is a beautiful lake front area, with excellent lake views in many of its communities. Many families relocated here because of the surroundings, relaxed atmosphere, it is also an excellent area for investment as many renters are purposely seeking to move to Rowlett.

Properties are located in both sides of Rowlett – we call it the Mainland which is closer to Garland, very close to Garland’s Firewheel Mall areas and also the Peninsula which offers abundant waterviews. School district is segmented into 3 areas – Garland ISD, Rowlett ISD and Rockwall ISD (further east of peninsula).


1. A wide range of properties to choose from, from a simple under $150,000 house to a $400,000+ waterfront properties.
2. Excellent area to raise family, Rowlett has multiple lakefronts, many are within walking distance in communities or even in your backyard. Rowlett also offers “Town” feeling as everything is very close by.
3. Affordability – still many opportunities to purchase nice properties under $200,000.


Different opportunities are available in Rowlett. For our investors, they had been seeking opportunities under $200,000 in Rowlett including selective areas which still offer properties below $150,000. The average rental has been in $1300 to $1600 range for these areas. For home buyers, we had helped home buyers purchasing mostly 2 story homes, these are priced between $180,000 to $250,000 and often more than 2,000 sq.ft – these are located in very comfortable communities, often with walking distance to lakefronts. Some newer communities are offering brand new constructions and priced around $350,000 range.


The City of Mesquite is a large area situated on the east side of downtown, it is fast growing community with property price ranging from below $100,000 to $250,000. This is an area a lot of investors are interested in because of different options available. Mesquite borders Garland to the north and Dallas to the west.
Unique Points
1. Choices – Mesquite offers buyers a wide range of choices from a small home less than 1000 sq.ft to multi-family apartment buildings. It is common to find property price below $150,000 in Mesquite today.
2. Close to Downtown – depending on location in Mesquite, in some areas, you can reach downtown within 10 minutes drive from highway.
3. Fast growing community – population of Mesquite is growing fast, the Town East Mall has been expanding, and it also built its own airport recently. Mesquite is a nice area where many young families have relocated to.


Our clients have been purchasing properties from different subdivisions in Mesquite for a long time. Many of our clients are purchasing properties that are assigned to Poteet High School. We also have clients that are purchasing updated older homes under $100,000 that were built in 1950s, these properties can generally generate yield above 14% per year. Other areas including those assigned to Horn High School are also getting popular from investors. Price can range from $65,000 to $200,000 in Mesquite, and a number of new communities are under construction with starting price from $250,000.


Richardson is a well established area of Dallas, located between Dallas, Plano, Richardson is one of top areas considered by many families in Dallas. It is also where University of Texas – Dallas campus is located and a large number of IT and telecommunications companies.


1. Richardson School District – RISD is one of the best school districts in Texas and it is one of the primary reasons why families are moving here.
2. Choice of Different High School – JJ Pearce, Richardson and Berkner High Schools all have different unique programs provide different curriculums for students.
3. University of Texas – Dallas (UTD) Campus – UTD has a massive campus here, and offers a wide variety of programs for students.
4. Telecom Corridor – Richardson is also known as “Telecom Corridor” of Dallas, it has multiple IT and technology companies based here providing different types of job opportunities.
5. Commuting time to employment centers – Richardson is centrally located within 10 to 20 minutes commuting time to Plano (North), Uptown (South) and Downtown (South), and Richardson is also the center of many global companies including Texas Instruments.


There are many subdivisions in Richardson depending on your price range, some of the well sought after areas including JJ Pearce and Canyon Creek, areas near Berkner High School is also very popular, areas near Richardson High School and Richardson West Junior High School are also very popular areas. Some of our clients just moved to Dallas, and they had purchased townhomes near University of Texas Dallas as well. We have sold homes from $120,000 (townhome) to over $400,000 in Richardson.


Our team is now focusing in many buyers in finding homes and investment properties in Arlington and Mansfield areas. Arlington is a big city in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and it has a major employment center, it is strategically located between Dallas, DFW Airport and Fort Worth. Residents live in Arlington work in various locations as they are all within 20 minutes drive. The City of Arlington has many different property options – you can find a single family property around $125,000 up to over $300,000, University of Texas – Arlington is also a main campus for the University. Mansfield is located south of Arlington, and it is a fast booming city, you can feel its growth simply by driving there, you can see new apartment complexes, new commercial properties, new schools and many new subdivisions being developed. Mansfield ISD is one of the best rated school districts, and this is also a major factor why many families are moving here. Our clients are also purchasing Arlington properties that are assigned to Mansfield ISD.


1. Both areas are fast booming areas of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, characterized by newer homes, and numerous new development activities, and increasing number of headquarters are opening in nearby cities.
2. Centrally located within short driving distance to multiple employment centers – Irving, DFW Airport Areas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie and Dallas Downtown.
3. Mansfield ISD is one of the highest rated school districts in the Metroplex with newer high schools and new elementary schools
4. Affordability – still opportunities to purchase nice properties under $200,000.


There are different opportunities in Arlington and Mansfield areas. Our clients had purchased single family homes, townhomes, condos and even duplexes. There are also occasional multi-family properties available in Arlington. Homes in Mansfield tend to be built around 1990s and after 2010, these properties are typically priced $160,000 to $220,000 range and assigned to excellent school district.

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